‘101 Jillala Andagadu’ Trailer unveiled

‘101 Jillala Andagadu’ stars Srinivas Avasarala as a bald-headed young man. Just as he falls in love with Ruhani Sharma, she comes to know that he has been hiding the secret about his baldness from him by putting on a wig.

September 3 is when the comedy-emotional drama will hit the cinemas. Since ‘Seetimaarr’ is also releasing on the same date, the film has a big competitor. Avasarala has previously acted as the lead man in ‘Babu Baga Busy’, which was a remake. The ‘Chi La Sow’ actress is joined by the likes of Rohini, who has played the male lead’s mother.

But since ‘101 Jillala Andagadu’ is backed by Dil Raju, the film will have a notable theatrical release. Also presented by Krish Jagarlamudi, its music is by Shaktikanth Karthik. Raam has done the cinematography. Aishwarya Rajeev has taken care of the costumes department. 

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