16 Covid variants active in Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, there are 16 active corona virus variants. This seems to be based on a report of samples sent by the state government to find out genome sequencing for the virus. The state Department of Health said all of these samples contained SARS-CoV-2, a common Covid variant.

Of the 35 samples sent by the government, three different mutations of the UK variant were identified while 12 of the other samples included other mutations. The Uttarakhand government has sent a total of 851 samples to Delhi to detect the genome sequencing of the virus. Of these, 285 samples were reported. The rest is yet to be reported.

Based on the report received by the state government, 208 of the 285 samples contained the common SARS-CoV-2. The UK variant B117 was identified in 32 samples, the UK variant B16171 in one and the B16172 variant in two samples. Also, the medical health department said it had identified 12 other types of mutations in 42 samples.

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