16 pages dialogue in a single take by Pawan Kalyan

With Vakeel Saab, Pawan Kalyan has made a grand comeback. And this film has not only fetched huge profits but also great respect to each and everyone who associated with it.

Versatile actor Prakash Raj also said Pawan Kalyan has come to sets early and practiced his dialogues. And he also said both were enhanced the court conversations spontaneously. They both went for dialogue before the shoot commences. Now, another actor has disclosed the dedication of Powerstar in Vakeel Saab. The actor who was seen as Nivetha Thomas’ friend in the film has said that Powerstar has completed 16 pages of dialogue at a stretch in a single take.

He said that everyone in the set has clapped instantly after Pawan Kalyan has completed the climax dialogue. He said that the actor has dominated Pawan Kalyan in Vakeel Saab. He disclosed many interesting details about Vakeel Saab in a Youtube interview.

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