22.7 million jobs lost during second wave: CMIE

The Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has said that 22.7 million jobs out of 400 million jobs disappeared in just April and May during the second wave. The figure is stunning and is a cause for concern. 

Earlier this week, appearing on India Today, Mahesh Vyas of CMIE said that 15 million jobs were lost during the second wave and they were of the daily wage labourers. He also added that there has been a fall in the running of small enterprises. 

Commenting on the CMIE’s findings, BJP spokesperson Amit Malviya said that the figures are nonsensical. “This is bunkum unless CMIE has a real-time mechanism to monitor job losses. Covid surge began in the 2nd week of April and we are two days in June. And CMIE, a private shop, already has data for Apr-May! Has Congress outsourced its politics to CMIE? And media is quoting it uncritically,” he tweeted. 

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