A lady tried to set her ablaze in front of ‘Valimai’ Ajith’s house!

A lady named Farzana who lost her job in the hospital tried to set her ablaze in front of Tamil Superstar Thala Ajith Kumar’s house. She has been stopped and detained by the police.

Going deep into the details, Ajit Kumar and his wife Shalini visited a private hospital in Teynampet last year. Farzana, who works at the same hospital, took selfies with them and posted them on social media.

The hospital management reacted strongly after posts went viral and she was removed from the duties for violating the regulations of the hospital management. Farzana, who lost her job had begged Shalini to help her regain her lost job. But it went in vain.

Farzana felt that taking a selfie with Ajith was the reason for losing her job and thought the Superstar’s word will get her job. She reached Ajith’s residence with another woman. After the Police intercepted her for not entering into Valimai actor’s residence, she started screaming and alleged that Ajith was the reason for losing her job.

And she immediately tried to set ablaze her. The Police responded promptly sprinkled water on her and the accident was averted. The two women were taken into custody and sent home after being given counselling by police. And the cops said that no case was filed against the two women.

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