A petition filed in the High Court against Anandayya’s Covid medicine

A house motion petition has been filed in the AP High Court against Anandayya’s covid medicine. High Court Advocate Yalamanjula Balaji has applied for the permission to move the House motion.

The petition was filed on behalf of Madineni Uma Maheswara Naidu of Anantapuram. The petitioner alleged that Anandaiah was giving Ayurvedic medicine for the prevention of corona and many people recovered after taking this medicine. He said that suddenly the state government had stopped the distribution of the drug. With this, many people are unable to take the drug. Attorney Yalamanjula Balaji wrote a letter to the High Court seeking permission for the trial.

On the other hand, the excitement over the Anandayya drug continues. AYUSH has already determined that the drug does not contain any harmful substances. But there is an excitement mounting all over about the ICMR report. Anandayya’s Covid drug is now a hot topic across the country.

The state government has already taken steps for a scientific study on the drug with unexpected support coming from the people. Anandaiah made this medicine in the presence of AYUSH representatives. After examining the herbs used and the preparation method, AP AYUSH Commissioner Ramu said that no harmful substances were used in the medicine. However, Ramu said that Anandayya medicine will be considered as an indigenous until scientific certification is done.

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