A plea has been filed in SC against the Kerala government’s decision to relax restrictions for Bakrid

It is known that the Kerala government has decided to relax restrictions on account of Eid al-Adha(Bakrid) in the state despite covid cases has been on the rise. Over this decision, Congress and BJP have lambasted Pinarayai Vijayan’s government.

The Indian Medical Association also asked Kerala CM to withdraw the decision of easing restrictions ahead of Bakrid. If not, it warned to appeal in the Supreme court.

Today, a plea has been filed in the Supreme court challenging the Kerala government’s decision to ease restrictions for Eid al Adha. The apex court will hear the application today along with the Kanwar Yatra matter.

SC has warned the UP government to reconsider the decision of holding Kanwar Yatra when Covid-19 has been devastating the lives of people. Already, the Uttaranchal government has cancelled Kanwar Yatra.

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