AAP will contest in all seats in Gujarat Assembly elections 2022

Delhi CM, AAP Leader Arvind Kejriwal said that their party will contest in all 182 seats in the next year’s Gujarat assembly elections.
On Monday, he arrived in Ahmedabad.

On the occasion, in reply to the media’s question, he said that the AAP candidates would contest in all the assembly seats. Kejriwal came here at the invitation of the ‘AAP’ division to open a party office in the Navrangpura area. In his presence, leading journalist Isudan Gadhvi joined AAP.

It is Kejriwal’s second visit to Ahmedabad this year.  He came here last February as the AAP stood as a strong contender for the BJP in the Surat Municipal Corporation elections. AAP won 27 of the 120 seats in Surat municipality.

This victory instilled the confidence that it could stand as an alternative to the BJP, which has been strong in the state for decades.

Mr. Kejriwal said that people in Gujarat think if electricity can be free in Delhi, why not here?  He also said the conditions of the hospital in Gujarat hadn’t changed for 70 years. He expresses confidence that things will change now in Gujarat.

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