Review : Aaradugula Bullet

‘Aaradugula Bullet’, which is produced by Jaya Balaji Real Media, was released today (October 8) in theatres. Let’s find out its hits and misses.


Shiva (Gopichand) is a happy-go-lucky, jobless youngster. Constantly scolded by his father (played by Prakash Raj), Shiva is neck-deep in love with a beautiful woman (played Nayanthara). Kasi (Abhimanyu Singh) locks horns with him and a raging Shiva seeks to bulldoze him. What is the bone of contention between the duo? How does his conflict with Kasi affect Shiva’s relationship with his father? How does Shiva eventually tame Kasi? Answers to these questions are found as the story progresses.


Gopichand apparently acted in this movie long before his recent outings such as ‘Loukyam’ and ‘Gautham Nandha” happened. So, he looks younger and sounds even younger. After watching the actor in more serious movies such as ‘Pantham’ and ‘Seetimaarr’ (not that they were awesome movies), it feels somewhat unsettling to watch him here. Nayanthara, who has been playing earnest roles (read ‘Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy’, among others), looks bubbly.

Prakash Raj delivers consistent performance and his acting in the emotional scenes is fine. Abhimanyu Singh is too loud. Brahmanandam, Late MS Narayana, Late JP Reddy, Madhu Nandhan, Giri Babu, Sandhya Janak and others are seen.

Technical Departments:

Mani Sharma’s songs are too outmoded in their aural quality. They lack any appeal whatsoever, barring ‘Chinnappudu Epudo’. The cinematography by M Balamurugan is pretty much half-decent, in tune with the not-so-rich production values of the movie. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao has taken care of the editing department. Kanal Kannan’s action choreography is eminently unwatchable.


The film was supposed to be released years ago and the old-school nature of the story is there for all to see. Yesteryear blockbuster filmmaker B Gopal’s last movie came way back in 2009 (read ‘Maska’). He has always worked on stories written by others and this time, he relies on Vakkantham Vamsi’s story. It’s surprising that the story-writer of such movies as ‘Kick’ and ‘Race Gurram’ has come up with quite a lame one.

Set in Vijayawada, the film is replete with over-the-top moments. The romantic track is mediocre, with only Nayanthara’s charm being the saving grace of the segment. The comedy segments involving the lead pair and Brahmanandam on the one hand, and the lead pair and MS Narayana on the other hand, don’t elicit laughs.

The pre-interval block involving the male protagonist, his father and other family members is the film’s only shining point. After this strong scene, the tempo is once again watered down by what follows just before the interval.

Post-interval, ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ truly loses its track and never gets its act together. The scenes involving Brahmi and JP Reddy are unwatchable. Nayanthara is reduced to a prop. And the confrontation scenes between the hero and the villain are archaic.

The climax is somewhat okay, but since we are used to watching Boyapati-powered fights and high-octane action blocks of the Peter Hein variety, don’t expect anything from the movie.


Every frame of ‘Aaradugula Bullet’ looks outdated!

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