Acharya music director gives that song credit to Pawan Kalyan

After a long gap, ‘Melody Brahma’ Mani Sharma is fully loaded with wonderful films including Acharya, Narappa etc., And his combination with Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan was sensational.

Well, this sensational music director has given a special interview to NTV Entertainment on the occasion of the classic industry hit, ‘Khushi’. During the interview, he has given ‘Yeh Mera Jahan’ entire credit to Pawan Kalyan. He said that this idea of putting Hindi song was Pawan Kalyan’ and also said Powerstar wanted a peppy tune which would reach the song to youth. 

Yes, the song was reached, everyone. Still, it was fresh like 20 years. Many songs may come and go, it would be a classic number forever. The music director has shared many exciting about Khushi and Pawan Kalyan. The albums Khushi, Gudumba Shankar, and Balu were still fresh and classic. These were huge musical hits at that time.

Mani Sharma said that Powerstar’s energy was a driving force to them.

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