Afghanistan star cricketer urges the World Leaders not to leave them in chaos

After a long time, the US and NATO withdrew their forces from Afghanistan. But since then Afghanistan has become a fireball. Even before that, there were attacks and riots in Afghanistan. But the situation wasn’t this much worse. However,  after the US and NATO withdraw their forces from the country, the situation escalated immediately.

Many Afghan people are losing their lives to Taliban attacks in many parts of the country. Afghan cricket star Rashid Khan was expressed his anguish over the ongoing chaos in his nation.

He took to Twitter and plead with the world leaders not to leave their country alone in the mayhem as many children and women were martyred every day. He tweeted to stop killing Afghans and destroying Afghanistan.

The Star cricketer has pleaded with the world leaders for peace. Through Rashid Khan foundation, he is providing basic essentials to those affected by the conflict.

Taliban’s have captured six provincial capitals in Afghanistan so far.

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