All-time record: GST revenue in April touches a big figure

The Finance Ministry on Saturday announced that the gross GST revenue collected in April 2021 is at a record high of Rs 1,41,384 Cr. This is the highest figure since the introduction of the GST tax regime. 

Here is the break-up of the figure:
CGST is Rs 27,837 Cr
SGST is Rs 35,621 Cr
IGST is Rs 68,481 Cr, which includes Rs 29,599 Cr collected on import of goods
Cess is Rs 9,445 Cr, which includes Rs 981 Cr on import of goods

The Ministry added that GST revenues have not only crossed the Rs. 1 lakh crore mark during successively for the last seven months but have also shown a steady increase. 

The economy was picking up after the first wave. But the second wave dashed all hopes in April. The lockdowns and depressed situation will be reflected in the May figures. 

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