Amazon dubbed East India Company 2.0 by pro-RSS weekly

The prominent pro-RSS weekly Panchajanya, which is a Hindi-language magazine, has lashed out at Amazon. The e-commerce giant has been described in its upcoming edition as the second version of East India Company.

The cover story also alleges that Amazon has paid bribes to government officials for favorable policies.

Panchajanya’s rant comes days after it called Infosys an anti-national corporate for messing up with the IT and GST portals.

Its tirade against Amazon has resulted in criticism. Commenting critically, columnist Tavleen Singh wrote, “So now Amazon is the East India Company 2.0 according to Panchjanya. Further proof that the ‘intellectuals’ of the RSS have remained pickled in a forgotten age.” Wrote a Twitter user, “Panchajanya is more socialist than CPIM can be? The words chosen here smack of some folks in there stuck in time-warp.”

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