Amazon shuts down that amazing service

The online delivery giant Amazon has taken a crucial decision. It announces the closure of its standalone delivery app Prime Now and folding these services into its main app and website. ‘Delivery in Two Hours’  service. These Prime Now services have already been shifted to their main app in India, Japan, and Singapore. And in other countries, Amazon is directing its users to the main app and website via pop-ups, as per The Verge. Now it will be removed and delivered only with the website or the main app.

In 2019, they started a two-hour delivery service from Amazon Fresh in the US.  The Vice President of Amazon Grocery, Stephenie Landry said they want to go to third-party partners and local stores later this year.

Amazon launched the Prime Now service in 2014. Now shopping, tracking orders and contacting customers are all possible with a single app. Despite the good response on the ‘Delivery in Two Hours’ service, the company made this decision for the ‘Ultra-Fast Delivery’ option.

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