Amit Shah will attend the Nirmal meeting with that demand

Union Home Minister Amit Shah is coming to Hyderabad. The BJP is arranging a huge public meeting in Nirmal on Friday at noon. He will be the chief guest. The BJP is holding a meeting demanding that September 17 be officially observed as Telangana Liberation Day.

The BJP has taken the Nirmal Sabha seriously in the wake of Amit Shah’s presence. The state BJP leaders say they will hold the meeting with at least one lakh people. They said that they have made plans for all activists from all constituencies to attend Home Minister Amit Shah’s meeting in Nirmal.

With the Congress meeting tomorrow, the BJP leadership is focusing on the Nirmal public meeting. The Union Minister will go to the Nirmal meeting either from Begumpet or Nanded.

During the meeting, the BJP will also demand the TRS government to rename the Nirmal district into Ramji Gond Nirmal district who fought against the British and the Nizam for imposing a tax on Tree, Anthill and hill.

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