Another exciting buzz over PSPK 28 title!

The hashtag PSPK 28 has been in nationwide trends for more than two days due to various reasons. Earlier, it was in trends because of the fan-made poster and later it was due to Mythri Movie Makers statement.

And now it is because of the PSPK 28 title. Since yesterday, the title ‘Stateki Okkadu’ has been circulating on social media as PSPK 28 title. Earlier, ‘Sanchari’ was the title speculated massively. Some fans have requested director Harish Shankar to clear the air over the titles ‘Sanchari ‘and ‘Stateki Okkadu’.

Various some requested to thrash them as speculations and conserve the excitement in the air until an official announcement is made. The shooting of PSPK 28 will start once Powerstar completes PSPK Rana movie.

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