Anti suicide fan rod manufactured in Mumbai to save lives

In India, suicides have been increasing on an alarming note due to various reasons including work stress, family pressures, exam tension etc., Sadly, suicide tendency is more in students. And the percentage is high among students.

Most suicides were happening hanging to fans. To rescue people from such attempts, a factory at Bhandup in Mumbai is manufacturing anti-suicide fan rods. If anyone hangs to fans, the rod will stretch forward immediately and the feet of the person will apparently touch the ground.

Most of the suicides were happening because people were unable to control their aggression or emotion that occurs in a split second. That second provokes people to commit suicide. If anyone controls that second, no one can take such decisions hastily.

This anti-suicide rod will rescue people from such hasty decisions. As Anusha Puppala quoted, Over 50,000 such fan rods are sold/supplied, mainly to Hostels of Educational institutes, including IITs, IIMs, AIMS, etc.,

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