AP government briefs the media about new Covid variant

The news of a new Corona variant N440K in Andhra Pradesh is causing panic among the people of the state. The new virus, which was found in the Kurnool district, is now spreading rapidly across AP.  AP State Covid Command Control Center, Chairman KS Jawahar Reddy, conducted a media meet and explained this new variant. He said the CCMB had identified the strain from AP, Telangana and Karnataka states samples in June and July last year.

Based on data, ‘the N440K  variant appeared in AP until February 2021 and gradually decreased. We now identify this strain very little.
Currently, B.1.617 and B1 are identified from the South India samples,  which is based on April data. We realized that it was spreading too fast. Its spread is higher in young people as well.

The World Health Organization has also declared B.1.617 as a variant of interest. However, no mention was made of the N440K, ‘Jawahar Reddy told the media.

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