AP government gives green signal to Anandayya drug

The AP government has finally given the green signal to the drugs being given by Nellore Anandayya as an antidote to the corona epidemic. The government has approved all other drugs except eye drops. According to the CCRAS report, the government has decided to allow P, L and F drugs given by Anandayya.

The government says it has not yet received any reports on the eye drops and will take a decision on the drug when it arrives. Also, the drug ‘K’ was not shown before the committee and it was denied permission. The CCRAS report shows that there is no harm in the rest of the drugs being given by Anandayya and it seems that the government has given permission for them. The government expects another 2–3 weeks for full reports on the eye drops.

The government has made an appeal to the people in the wake of the approval of Anandayya drug.  The government wanted the people to take other medicines too despite taking Anandayya’s drug.   Along with using drugs prescribed by doctors, the government has advised that people can use the drug of choice at their discretion, but Covid positive patients should not be allowed to take the drug.

The government appealed to take Anandaiah medicine by the relatives of Covid patients’ relatives or family members. Otherwise, if patients come to take the drug, they will be super-spreaders of this pandemic. It was ordered to adhere to the Covid protocol in drug distribution.

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