AP government will resolve movie tickets pricing issue by..!

At the time of Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab movie release, Andhra Pradesh government issued a G.O. fixing different ticket rates for the theaters in Corporations, Municipalities and Village Panchayats. Those ticket prices were more than a decade back’. With those prices, exhibitors, distributors and theatre owners confessed it’s hard to survive.

Even after the theatres opened in both Telugu states, Tollywood which was affected a lot due to Covid has unable to release their films in AP with that decade-old prices where huge money was invested. On the other hand, AP Ministers alleged that ticket prices have been sold to exorbitant prices whenever big star films’ strike the box office. They supported their decision as they protected the public from looting their money by distributors, exhibitors by selling tickets for exorbitant prices.

A couple of times, a team headed by Megastar Chiranjeevi met AP Ministers and described the situation in detail. Recently, they met Perni Nani and the minister assured to resolve the issue.

According to the latest reports, the AP government assured to resolve this issue by the end of September by fixing different prices for each territory that would be beneficial at both ends.

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