AP High Court permits to distribute Andayya’s Covid 19 medicine

AP High Court has given permission to Andayya’s Covid medicine. It issues orders to distribute this medicine immediately to Covid patients. The High Court has directed the government to submit a report on the eye drops within two weeks. The High Court adjourned the case till 21st June.

Meanwhile, Anandayya’s covid medicine is already being distributed from today. Initially, it will be given to the people of Sarvepalli constituency. Anandayya has said that the medicine will be provided later to those in other districts. With the High Court’s permission, the road has been cleared for the distribution of Anandaiah medicine.

The opposition party leaders have alleged that ruling party is planning to loot money from the people by selling the medicine in black market and in all other possible ways. They urged the CM to control the trading of this drug in black market.

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