Are there any similarities between Radhe Shyam and that Hollywood classic?

Prabhas fans and movie lovers are eagerly waiting to witness the periodic tale of romance, Radhe Shyam, which is set in a European backdrop.  The intro teaser and beats of  Radhe Shyam have raised the curiosity.

Over this film, there is an interesting buzz doing rounds that this film has similarities to James Cameron’s classic Titanic. This buzz got intensified after the news that there was an episode of the ship with a duration of more than 30 minutes.  Some called it an Indian Titanic whereas some called it a Remake of some Hollywood and European movies.  Likewise, different cock and bull stories have spun around Radhe Shyam.

According to reliable sources close to the team Prabhas, Radhe Shyam is not an Indian Titanic. And it would definitely enchant every movie lover and became the talk of the industry post its theatrical release.  

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