Ariyana puts an end to rumour about Mukku Avinash

Last year, during their stint at the Bigg Boss house, it was rumoured that anchor Ariyana Glory and ‘Jabardasth’ Avinash got too close that they actually fell in love with each other. Putting an end to the rumour, Avinash has got engaged to some other woman. And Ariyana is happy that her friend has found his soulmate. 

Taking to social media, Ariyana said that she is feeling happy for her friend. She iterated that there was nothing between her and him, and that everything was just rumour-mongering. 

Ariyana recently featured in a staged interview with Ram Gopal Varma. The interview went viral, especially because it was seen as an honest attempt at exploring various topics at length in an unconventional format. There are rumours that she will feature in an upcoming RGV movie about love and lust. 

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