Arvind Kejriwal assures to give 300 units free electricity

Arvind CM Kejriwal has started to unveil his party’s core promises to the people of Uttarakhand in the manifesto in view of forthcoming assembly elections in the state. Even before the election commission has released the election schedule for the Uttarakhand assembly elections, the Delhi CM is making poll promises.

Mr. Kejriwal said to give 300 free units to urban people followed by waiving off electricity bills and free electricity to the farmers if their party comes into power.  He said that both BJP and Congress have looted and destroyed the state one after another since 2000.

The Delhi CM also promised to build good schools and work on electricity, water, farming etc.,  He also said that whatever the tasks which have not been done in Uttarakhand for 70 years have been completed under AAP’s regime in Delhi.

He assured the people of Uttarakhand the development like Delhi. Although it will take some time to provide 24-hour electricity in the state,  Mr. Kejriwal assures them to do it.  

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