Audience, critics endorse Sree Leela’s glamour

The content of ‘Pelli SandaD’ may not have impressed film critics, but most of them have liked Sree Leela, the debutante actress. She is not only a competent dancer but has a confident screen presence. While her acting needs vast improvement, the budding actress has definitely made a mark with her Telugu-language debut.

For the unversed, Sree Leela has previously done a couple of Kannada movies. Born in the US, the beauty was spotted by director Gowri Ronanki, who sought K Raghavendra Rao’s approval to cast her as the romantic interest of debutant Roshan Meka in ‘Pelli SandaD’. 

Sree Leela may not have those typical glamorous looks (of the kind we expect from superstars such as Pooja Hegde), but she looks like a proper Telugu girl in traditional attire. ‘Pelli SandaD’, despite its outdated tropes, is doing reasonably well at the box office. Maybe, just maybe, Sree Leela has been noticed by Tollywood producers/directors.

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