Baahubali writer says Chinmayi’s claim is a lie!

The creator of the Kilikili language, Tamil dialogue writer of Baahubali, Madhan Karky has said Chinmayi’s claim in a recent Twitter spaces session is another lie. In Twitter spaces session, she said that she had invited Popular Lyricist, Vairamuthu to her marriage only because of his son, Madhan Karky’s compulsion.

Mr Karky said that Chinmayi’s claim is just another lie. She only wanted to invite his father to marriage. He helped her to get his father appointment when she disappointed to get his appointment. He also said that she alone went to Varimuthu and took blessings of him by touching his feet and invited him to marriage. He responded in the above to a netizen when asked to clarify Chinmayi’s claim.

As per, Chinmayi called Madhan Karky as an enabler. And also said that Mr Karky and his wife Nandhini were told to stand by her side when Chinmayi accused Vairamuthu of sexual harassment.

It was known that she made sexual harassment allegations on Vairamuthu and called a sexual predator too.

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