Baba Ramdev makes anti-vaxx comments, draws flak

After quacks and some political leaders, it is now the turn of Baba Ramdev to promote vaccine hesitancy. In a statement that has come to be seen as dangerous by sections of the commentariat, the yoga exponent said that he doesn’t need to take the vaccine against coronavirus because he is already protected by Yoga and Ayurveda. 

This comes days after Ramdev controversially commented that several Allopathic doctors themselves have succumbed to covid-19 and such a group of professionals can’t be trusted to handle the virus. His comments even resulted in the Indian Medical Association calling for sedition charges against him. 

Ramdev’s anti-vaxx comments are deplorable, Netizens are saying. “The government should actively respond to these statements and in very strong words condemn his stand. Looking at the sum total of his commentary, he is not sharing his own choice but signalling to others about efficacy. He is a trusted figure for many. They will believe him,” wrote columnist Pratyasha Rath. 

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