Bandla Ganesh is waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s consent

Actor, producer Bandla Ganesh is more popular as Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s devotee in the film industry as well as in Telugu states. There has been news circulating that Pawan Kalyan is doing a film for Bandla Ganesh after Gabbar Singh and Teen Maar.

But nothing has been confirmed despite fans have been asked the producer several times. Today, Bandla Ganesh has replied to a fan about the film with PK. He assured to give blockbuster when Pawan Kalyan says, likes and nods.

If there is no covid second wave, Powerstar and Bandla Ganesh film would have been confirmed. Due to Corona, Pawan Kalyan strategy seems changed. He is keen to wrap up the PSPK Rana movie, Hari Hara Veera Mallu and director Hari Shankar’s film as early as possible. And to concentrate more on politics. If there is a chance, he may start director Surender reddy’s film.

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