Bank balance of BJP is many times more than Congress’

The bank balance of the BJP, which is the current ruling party, has been found to be way more than that of the Congress party. The figures are contrasting for the two parties, which are the principal national parties. 

“BJP’s bank balance at the end of 2020: ₹ 22,53,43,88,237 (2,253 crore). Congress’s bank balance at the end of 2020: ₹ 1,78,59,44,197 (178 crore). Look at the difference between the ruling party and the opposition party,” wrote Arvind Gunasekar, a journalist. 

Reacting to the news, Congressman Gaurav Pandhi tweeted, “Congress was in power for 60 years, has a bank balance of Rs 178 crores, zero modern offices. BJP has ruled for 13 years till now, has a bank balance of Rs 2,200 crores, swanky offices and buildings in every district. Plus, now expenditure on Modi’s jets and palace!”

The figures and the reaction by some Congressmen have sparked a polarized debate, with many BJP supporters saying that the Congress party is poorer because all the money has been allegedly pocketed by the Nehru-Gandhi family.  

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