‘Bheemla Nayak’ Pawan Kalyan donates 2 lakh rupees to Kinnera Mogullaiah

‘Darshanam Mogullaiah’, this name is now the talk of the town. This great 12-fret Kinnera player is now famous across the Telugu states with his intro rendition in Bheemla Nayak title song.  

12 Step Kinnera artist Mogullaiah will bring wonderful folk tales to life with his rendition. Telangana government honoured him with ‘Ugadi Pursakaram’ and introduced his story as a lesson in the social studies school textbook. Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan who is in awe of such nomadic arts has announced a donation of two lakhs to Darshanam Mogullaiah.

The cheque will be given to Mogullaiah under ‘Pawan Kalyan Learning Center for Human Excellence’. The Janasena Chief has directed the party office bearers. Soon, the cheque will be given to Darshanam Mogullaiah.

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