BJP is not trying to settle Bangladeshi Muslims: Assam CM

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has responded to the allegations that his government is trying to settle many illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants in Mizoram. 

In an interview with Times Now, the BJP leader said that the BJP is not trying to do what has been alleged. He suggested that if they do such a thing, nobody would lose seats elsewhere in the country too. Sarma, who became the CM of Assam for the first time in May this year, iterated that he had asked Bangladeshi Muslims living in the state not to vote for him or the BJP. 

“No illegal immigrant has voted for us. Go to each polling station and find out. Nobody voted for us,” Sarma said. 

Sarma also defended his government’s law on banning cow slaughter. “Mahatma Gandhi himself wanted a ban,” he added. 

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