BJP’s victory in Huzurabad is confirmed: Kishan Reddy

Union Minister Kishan Reddy has said that BJP leader Bandi Sanjay is conducting a public campaign to oust the TRS.The BJP has held a huge meeting at Charminar during the Praja Sangrama Yatra. Speaking on the occasion, Kishan Reddy criticized that thousands of crores are being wasted in the form of corruption in Telangana.

Despite the conspiracies of the Kalvakuntla family, he expressed confidence that the BJP would win in Huzurabad. He said the state government was in a situation where salaries could not be paid to employees.

KCR cheated Dalits in the name of CM post and three acres of land. Kishan Reddy is also lamented that the TRS government had backstabbed BCs.

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