Black Fungus is not contagious

While India has been suffocating due to Covid second wave, on the other hand, Black Fungus has started showing its impact. With the rising cases of Black Fungus, the Central government has urged the states to make it a notifiable disease.

After the Union health ministry’s state, already some states declared Black Fungus as an epidemic.  With this, speculations surfaced as it is contagious. Dr Arvinder Singh Soin, Researcher, Pioneer Surgeon, Group Chairman, Liver Transplantation Medanta, Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, Moolchand Healthcare, Co-founder Aayna Clinic said that Black Fungus is not Contagious and it won’t spread direct or indirect contact. He said stop spreading misinformation over Black Fungus.

Due to Black Fungus, many people have lost their vision. Mostly, eyes have found swelling followed by severe eye-ache due to this disease. The Central government which declared it as an epidemic has to import medicine for the treatment. In India, there is inadequate medicine for the treatment of Mucormycosis.

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