Blow to AP government in Sangam Dairy case

The AP government gets a shock in the Sangam Dairy case. The High Court has suspended G.O. over the acquisition of Sangam Dairy. The High Court held that the G.O. issued by the government on the acquisition of Sangam Dairy was invalid. The High Court has directed that the directors can manage the Sangam Dairy operations and it also directed them to monitor the day-to-day operations.

The court also directed that permission be sought for the sale of Sangam Dairy assets. However, Sangam Dairy chairman Narendra’s quash petition was heard in the high court, Today. 

The lawyers of Dhulipalla Narendra were asked to give a stay on the trial. CID officials told the court that there was an inability to prosecute Dhulipala Narendra as he was infected with the corona. The High Court directed the ACB court to hear the extension of custody. The petitioners told the court that the police were giving Sangam Dairy information to private individuals. The High Court adjourned the next hearing to June 17.

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