Bollywood star to remake Pawan Kalyan’s disaster film!

In Pawan Kalyan’s career, one film that Powerstar fans didn’t forget. It is like a nightmare for them. That film is PSPK 25, “Agnyathavaasi”. Before releasing this film, some web portals have spread negative articles as it was the remake of the French film, “Largo Winch”. Later, the director also tweeted that remaking his film without his consent was unfair.

Later the film has released and became a huge disaster at the box office. But it has set all-time records at many centres. According to the buzz, Bollywood actor hero, Vidyut Jammal is going to remake Agnyathavaasi with some changes.

He was popular in Bollywood with action films Commando series. And he was also known to Telugu movie lovers with Suriya’s ‘Sikander’ movie. After knowing Vidyut is remaking Agnyathavaasi, Pawan Kalyan fans are expressing their shock and questioning what made him dare to remake this disaster film in Hindi.

Soon, there will be an official announcement expected regarding the Agnyathavaasi remake.

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