‘Boycott Toofan’ trends on Twitter

Ahead of the OTT release of the Bollywood film ‘Toofan’, Netizens are trending the hashtag ‘Boycott Toofan’ on Twitter. The trend is ostensibly against Farhan Akhtar, the lead man of the sports-based film.

Most of the tweets have questioned the actor’s stance during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests in 2019. When the Parliament passed a law to expedite the provision of Indian citizenship to the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Akhtar had raised his voice against it, claiming that the law is discriminatory.

Many Netizens are trolling Akhtar’s film because ‘Toofan’ is his first movie to release since the anti-CAA protests. 

On the other hand, those countering the anti-Akhtar Netizens are of the view that the hashtag trend goes to show their intolerance. “They are giving free publicity to the Amazon Prime release,” a section of Twitter users are arguing. 

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