“Brahmin community is better under BSP rule than BJP’s”- Mayawati

BSP Chief Mayawati has attended ‘Prabudh Sammelan’ in Lucknow, Today. Speaking on the occasion, she said that the Brahmin community has agreed that they were in better condition in UP under BSP’s rule in 2007 than the current BJP’s rule.  She also assured the security of the Brahmin community once their party will emerge victorious in the 2022 UP elections with the support of them.

She also directed her party officials to join more Brahmins into the Bahujan Samaj Party to reign UP like in 2007.  The BSP chief said that she would invest in developing the state rather than constructing parks and memorials like BJP.

Mayawati questioned why BJP and RSS have been behaving towards Muslims as adopted ones if both Hindus and Muslims have the same ancestors.

It seems the UP elections will revolve around the Brahmin community and Muslims. Earlier, she said that their party won’t ally with any major parties in the forthcoming elections of 2022.

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