Brahmins will not vote for BJP this time!

Mayawati has said she strongly believes the Brahmin community will not vote for the BJP in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Regarding this, BSP general secretary SC Mishra has been campaigning in Ayodhya since 23rd May.  Mayawati said they would meet the Brahmin community and ensure that their interests are safeguarded under the BSP regime.

BSP chief Mayawati said the central government’s stance on farmers’ concern over the repeal of the new cultivation laws was unfortunate. She said all parties should come together in holding the central government accountable. She said her party would raise several issues in both the houses during the monsoon sessions of Parliament.

The BSP Supremo said her party would address issues such as a rise in fuel and LPG prices, inflation and Covid vaccination. She said the party had already instructed the MPs.

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