BS Yediyurappa announces his resignation as Karnataka CM

 BS Yediyurappa has announced his resignation as Karnataka CM. He has completed two years in office. As Pooja Prasanna stated, BS Yediyurappa has broken into tears after his resignation and he also recalled the hardships that he had faced while building BJP in the state. He has built BJP from nothing in the state.

Mr Yediyurappa has brought BJP into power before the Modi-Shah era has begun. Because of him only, Karnataka BJP has got identity. Yesterday, seers of various mutt convened and wanted BS Yediyurappa to continue as Karnataka CM.

Yediyurappa who has attended a programme celebrating  2 years completion of his government in the state has said that he decided to resign and will meet the Governor after lunch.

It was known that from the past few months, some factions in the state BJP had expressed displeasure over BS Yediyurappa’s decisions followed by his son’s intervention in many government- related activities. And they complained to the BJP high command too.

It is an unexpected decision from the Karnataka CM. Earlier, he said to resign as CM if the high command orders. Still, there is no official word from the BJP high command over Yeddiyurappa’s successor.

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