Can Balakrishna set a new trend?

Nobody would have expected Nandamuri Balakrishna to make an OTT debut even before the theatrical release of ‘Akhanda’. When everyone thought that he would be entertaining his mass audience in theatres for Diwali, he is going to cater to the class audience on Aha instead. 

Unlike theatres, OTT platforms have a much smaller reach, especially if you are talking about talk shows. ‘Unstoppable’, the soon-to-be-premiered talk show, has been making headlines for all the right reasons. It’s surprising that Aha has never been this frequently in news. Even Samantha’s ‘Sam Jam’ was a semi-success in terms of the headlines that it garnered. 

If Balayya brings a new style and idiom, he will be setting a trend. The observers and critics will be eagerly looking forward to who he will be interviewing on the show. 

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