Can Balayya’s talk show not fall into hero-worship trap?

Nandamuri Balakrishna is soon going to be seen as the talk show host of ‘Unstoppable’, to be streamed on Aha from November 4. The show has already been described as the ‘baap’ of all talk shows. At the launch event, Balayya’s stardom was celebrated with fanfare, with none other than Allu Aravind praising the ‘Akhanda’ actor.

The fact is that the hero-worship trap is always a step away when it comes to superstars down South. Talk shows, however, have to be free from frills. There is no place for larger-than-life elevations, unlike in films. This applies to reality shows as well. 

Going by the tone of the promotions, though, Aha seems to have modelled ‘Unstoppable’ in such a way that the guests interview the host as much as the host interviews them. ‘Unstoppable’ might become a hit but it is unlikely to be the way it should be. Will the format be respected? That’s the question. 

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