Can ‘Cinema Bandi’ democratise filmmaking?

‘Cinema bandi’, which is streaming on Netflix, has come in for critical applause. Since it is not in theatres, we will never know whether it would have been a commercial hit at the BO.  

For now, the Praveen Kandregula-directed small film has been seen as a beacon of hope for independent filmmakers. As per the story, a bunch of amateurs make a film with an expensive camera in ‘Cinema Bandi’. 

It’s tempting to describe it as democratisation of cinema. But the fact is, such attempts have been made in the past without a proper scaling up happening anywhere. The only difference is that, earlier, there were no OTT platforms. But for OTT giants both ‘Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya’ and ‘Cinema Bandi’ would have failed in commercial terms at BO. 

OTT giants are not commissioning Telugu-language projects. Aha, of late, is showing some interest in parallel cinema. 

Indie filmmakers have to rely on the multiplex culture, which has taken a beating because of the pandemic. They have to find cash-rich producers/OTTs to fund their dreams. Otherwise, democratisation is a non-starter. 

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