Caste issue: Small film scores over ‘Narappa’ as per critics

‘Narappa’, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime, has been questioned for compromising on the caste debate. The Tamil original, ‘Asuran’, clearly spoke out against caste-based discrimination in our society. In the Telugu remake, Venkatesh’s dialogues position the conflict as one of class. This glaring dilution has not gone down well with a number of critics.

They are of the view that director Sreekanth Addala and the producers of the movie have played it safe by making it all about rich vs poor in a village. Writer Vetri Maaran’s potent anti-caste message has thus gone for a toss.

In comparison, a small film like ‘Palasa 1978’ did a far better job of projecting the caste debate, critics are saying. Released in March 2020, the film was directed by Karuna Kumar. It had no star face but it had a powerful anti-caste oppression message. 

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