Central government hints at AP new capital

The Central government has sent a strong signal that AP is the capital of Visakhapatnam. In response to a question from members of the Lok Sabha, the Center indicated Vizag as the capital of AP.

In a response to MP Kumbhakudi Sudhakaran’s question of whether the impact of increased petrol prices has been assessed in the states or not, the Central government which has listed the rise in petrol prices in major cities has released a detailed statement with the state capitals and prices.  In that list, the Center has named Vizag as the state capital of Andhra Pradesh.

On this, YCP leaders say the report is the answer for those campaigning against the three capitals. It was known that the Center had earlier said that the AP capital issue was within the jurisdiction. The Amaravati JAC was incensed at the Modi government over the statement while the issue is under jurisdiction.  

There has been strong disagreement across the state on the issue of the three capitals.

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