Chalapathi Rao’s regressive remarks normalized in Raj Tarun’s movie?

In the teaser for ‘Stand Up Rahul’, we see Raj Tarun say that Chalapathi Rao was hounded when he made statements similar to Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra. Here is the dialogue: “When Priyanka Chopra said that men are only good to have kids with, everyone cheered her. When Chalapathi Rao made a similar statement, they raised a hullabaloo.”

In 2018, at the audio launch of ‘Raarandoi Veduka Chuddham’, Chalapathi Rao said that women are only good to have sex with. The teaser is referring to this comment made by the veteran character artiste.

When Rao made the regressive remarks, a lot of women’s groups criticized him. They named and shamed him in TV debates. A few days later, he apologized for the remarks. Is ‘Stand Up Rahul’ (un)wittingly normalizing his misogynistic and creepy remarks? 

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