China junks two-child policy, introduces a new one

Reuters today broke the news that China has announced a three-child policy. Before 2015, the country used to have a one-child policy in place. For the past six years, it had a two-child policy. A dramatic decline in births in China is said to have prompted the Communist Party of China to take the decision. 

“Restrictions that limited most couples to one child were eased in 2015 to allow two, but the number of births fell,” a report said today, explaining why the old policy has been junked. 
The change has triggered many commentators to say how flawed China’s totalitarian policy had always been. “Recall a discussion with students in China in the 1990s who said that they knew they would only ever have one child. I realised that just two or three generations of the policy meant no cousins or uncles or aunts, as well as an ageing population, and thought it could not be sustained,” wrote Jo Wolff, a professor. 

Elaborating on the issue, commentator Lawrence McDonald wrote that the size of the population, especially the young population, is critical for innovation. 

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