CJI NV Ramana made sensational comments on the way debates and laws are making in Parliament

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana made sensational remarks on the way debates and laws are passing in the Parliament.

CJI Ramana spoke to the media after hoisting the national flag in the Supreme Court as part of the 75th Independence Day celebrations. Speaking on the occasion, he lamented how laws are being made in Parliament. He expressed impatience over the lack of in-depth discussion on the laws. The CJI believes that making laws without quality discussion can have legal implications.

He expressed displeasure that it was not clear why any law was being made and what the purpose of that law was. The CJI commented that there was no in-depth discussion on the laws due to the lack of lawyers and intellectuals in the legislature. He said there were many flaws in the laws, leading to an increase in litigation in the courts. He said such flawed laws would become a burden to the people and the government. He said that the judiciary was once a member of the parliament and in the past, there was excellent quality in discussions.

Justice NV Ramana recalled that he had personally witnessed the previous debate in Parliament on the Industrial Disputes Act and that Rammurthy, then a CPI (M) member from Tamil Nadu, had analyzed the bill in great detail. CJI NV Ramana opined that MP Rammurthy had in-depth analyzed the impact of the bill on workers and various sectors and now such an in-depth analysis was lacking in Parliament.

CJI NV Ramana called on lawyers to also come into public life and come to the legislature. Chief Justice NV Ramana said that earnings should not be the goal for lawyers.

He also stated how lawyers like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru led the nation, starting from the Independence struggle to the first legislators of the country.

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