Clubhouse, Spaces offer film aspirants a ray of hope

Several Telugu film celebs are slowly taking to Clubhouse these days. Recently, ‘Viraata Parvam’ director Venu Udugula shared some insights about the Rana Daggubati-Sai Pallavi movie with commoners. 

Several more filmmakers, not just in Tollywood but also in other industries, are increasingly showing interest in CH. They are open to taking questions from their fans and general audience on CH.

Apart from CH, Twitter Spaces is becoming an avenue for film aspirants to listen to directors, actors and technicians. In TV interviews, questions are posed by journalists and they are celeb-oriented. As a result, aspirants don’t get to learn much from what the celebs speak in these interviews. It’s only on social media that they stand a chance. 
Recently, the likes of Anil Ravipudi, LB Sriram, Allari Naresh and BVS Ravi used Spaces as an avenue to talk about EVV Satyanarayana. No TV channel would have managed to them together. Journalism has one too many constraints. Social media has ducked a lot of them. 

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