CM Amarinder Singh won’t meet Sidhu until the new PCC Chief makes a public apology

Ahead of the Punjab assembly elections, there has been turmoil in the state congress. To set this right,  the Congress high command has appointed Navjot Singh Sidhu as the new PCC Chief.

On the other hand, the disturbance between Sidhu and the Punjab CM hasn’t been resolved. Mr Amarinder Singh won’t meet Sidhu until he says sorry to him for his social media attacks. Over this, Sidhu’s faction has said that the new PCC chief won’t make a public apology and questioned,” why should he apologize to CM?”

In fact, the CM has to apologise to the public for not solving many issues. Today, Punjab Congress President Sidhu has invited all MLAs of the party for breakfast and about 62 MLAs arrived at his residence.

Some MLAs alleged that CM has been misled by some faction and expressed that Congress will win in the 2022 elections because of Navjot Singh Sidhu.

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