CM Jagan is positive about the drug: Krishnapatnam Anandayya

Anandayya said that CM Jagan was positive about the drug he was offering as an antidote to Corona. Speaking to the media here on Sunday, he said that he will do whatever the government says. He confidently said that his medicine was Ayurvedic.

He said the drug was made for the benefit of the people and it would take time for thousands of people to make the drug.  He said it has been four days since Kotaiah was given the medicine and it cannot be said that he was troubled by his medicine. He said some people were trying to sell his drug and demanded that the sellers be restrained.

On Twitter, TDP leader Butchaiah Chowdhary demanded that the government make a quick decision on the Krishnapatnam drug and also commented that reliability is important for any drug. He asked the government to look into the actual policy and make it available to the people if it is useful. Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdhary demanded that the trial be expedited and clear the suspicions raised among the people. The government has stopped Anandaiah’s drug.

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